March 15, 2012

Let's Take a Nap on The Porch

All this unseasonably warm weather we're having in the northeast has me waxing nostalgic for a screen porch. 

We had one at Bittersweet (our old house).....nothing special, just a rectangle on a concrete slab, with a shed roof.  One wall, adjacent to the garage, was stuccoed concrete block.  I made it our own by faux painting a stone wall onto the stucco, using cement stain to create a tile pattern on the floor, and sponge painting the ceiling to look like weathered copper. 

Okay, it was special.   Just a little.  To us, anyway.  It had a vibe kind of like this one.....

On a sunny, 65 degree day like we've been having lately, I would be setting up the porch for the season....sweeping out the dust and cobwebs, uncovering the tile table (I tiled it myself), rearranging the furniture, thinking about what plants I'd like to put in the hanging baskets.  Sitting for a while and smelling the fresh air.

I do miss having a screened porch. 

Ah well, some day I'll have another.....

In the meantime, I'd like to share some images from my Houzz ideabook on Screened Porches. 

Like this one.....which welcomes you right in to "set a spell".

I love how this one has the covered cooking area right outside the door.....

Although, this one, with its exposed trusses, cool ceiling fans, floor to ceiling fireplace, and full kitchen, is more like an outdoor great room.....

Doesn't it look comfortable?   All you need is a pitcher of sangria, a few steaks sizzling on the grill, and your nearest and dearest gathered around the table.



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