.: About me :.

My name is Leigh, and I live in northern Westchester County, New York.  I studied interior design at the the New York School of Interior Design, and operate my own design consulting firm, Hudson Smith Interiors.  That's the business side.  On the personal side, I am mother to three wonderful daughters, wife, artist, renovator, gardener, Girl Scout Leader, and now, blogger.  Just as important as all of the that, though, is that I am an art and design fanatic.  I love all things related to design, and I truly believe that a comfortable, beautiful, functional, well-designed home is within the reach of everyone.  Everyone deserves it, and everyone can achieve it. 

My own house is a very typical 1960's ranch.  Three bedrooms, wood-panelled family room, open living/dining area, low-slung hipped roof, etc.  In addition to my family of five, it is occupied by our lovable 65lb mutt (who believes himself to be one of the kids, and a lap-kid at that!), one guinea pig, a small army of ants that arrives every spring and forces me into battle, and a full array of wild species that like to congregate in the backyard.  We moved into this home in 2003 thinking it was just a few short renovations away from being our dream home.  We were almost right.  So far, we have completely remodeled the kitchen and two bathrooms.  We still have more to do, more that can't be done, and more to dream about.  It's not perfect, but it's ours, and we love it.  Mostly.

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