May 25, 2013

.: Decoration Day...

I do like the sound of that:  Decoration Day.  All of us adult-ish folks know that Memorial Day used to be called Decoration Day.  Some of us even know that it was called that because it was the day that folks would go "decorate" the graves of servicemen with wreaths and flags, frequently followed by a memorial service in the cemetery.

Of course, most people nowadays just think of Memorial Day in terms of the "unofficial start of summer".  Three-day weekend, barbeques, and all of that.

Here in the northeast it doesn't feel much like the start of summer.  It's dreary, rainy and about 50 degrees.  But we're making the best of it.  My plan today is to clean my house --which is currently inhabited by six people and one very hairy dog -- and do *all* of our laundry.  Oh, and go grocery shopping.  So I don't have to spend the next three days hearing: "There's no food in this house!"

Exciting, no?

No, not really.  So here's a little something to perk up our day, a pretty little seasonal thing to get you in the mood for summer (which I hear will eventually come!).  Eight lovely outdoor kitchens to get your {barbeque} juices flowing.  Enjoy...and have a wonderful, peaceful Decoration Day Weekend!

Urrutia Design, via Houzz

Lorraine Vale, via Houzz

CastleRock Homes; Rick Keating, photographer; via Houzz

Innerhouse Design; Conrado Home Builders, via Houzz

Arterra Landscape Architects, via Houzz

via 5th and State

Paarlberg Outdoor Kitchen 2
via Signature Outdoor Concepts

Herlong Architects

~ Leigh


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