April 3, 2013

.: This is the house that will haunt me....{part 2, cont'd.}

{Living and Dining Rooms, continued}

We left off last week in middle of the imaginary renovation of a great house that's on the market in my town.  If you don't remember what we were up to in the living and dining rooms, refresh your memory here....otherwise, read on...

To finish off the dining and living rooms, I picked just a few furniture and accessory pieces.  I've chosen a simple, classic set for the formal dining room.  With modern lines based on neo-classical forms, it will transition well in any kind of decor.  The round and rectangular shapes that play off of the floor and wall patterns, and the walnut finish coordinates with the flooring.  Plus, those chairs look nice and comfy.....

via Wayfair

And this light fixture from Horchow should work nicely as well.  Notice the rounded-off square within the circle...

Gaby "Winthorpe" Chandelier

Back in the living room, I'm not sure if you can see in the photos, but those black panelled walls flanking the stone fireplace are "almost" pure drama when you walk into the room.

I say almost, because I think they only need a little tweaking.  I would definitely add some beautiful knobs on the cabinets, and lose the heavy header board on the right in favor of matching trim on both sides, as well as some crown moulding.  I would love to indulge my wildest dreams and install a brass rail and library ladder on the left side, making it look sort of like this:

via Grange

Now that would be stunning!

I'm not really one for window coverings, and with fenestration like this, with views to your three private wooded acres and nary a neighbor, I'm especially inclined to skip the curtains.

But let's say, for the sake of argument, that you wanted to control the light on a particularly sunny day.  A solar shade in a natural colored  textured weave would do the trick.  The style that rolls up completely to be hidden by it's own valance would be perfect -- and unobtrusive.

via Smith and Noble

We need a carpet to tie it all together and warm up the floors a bit, so I'm thinking of a antique Persian or Indian carpet, something like this.....

Sultanabad Carpet

With natural dyes and hand-knotting which creates a soft, undulating quality, this kind of rug is exactly what we need in this room.  And, it pulls together our entire color palette (the golds and browns that we pulled from the stone wall for the paint colors; black from the panelling and built-ins) while the terra cotta red spices things up a little, and the soft blues and greens give us the opportunity to bring in some cool accent colors for counterpoint.

E voila!  Bring in a sofa and a few comfy chairs (maybe a coffee table!), light a fire in the fireplace, and this fabulous living and dining room area is ready for our first guests!

To see the original listing for this home, please visit Coldwell Banker.  Come back and visit soon...I might just have something exciting for you to see!

~ Leigh

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