May 23, 2013

.: So, Ceiling Murals... Yea or Nay?

This morning I was looking for something on Houzz, and, naturally, I got sidetracked.  Happens all the time.  Anyway, I happened to come across this picture of a painted ceiling mural.

Grainda Builders, via Houzz

This prompted a conversation with my oldest daughter, who was sitting next to me, as to whether we would ever have a ceiling mural in our home.  She commented that if she was going to have something like this it would have to be an actual map of Middle Earth.

I can see that.

Celestial Ceiling, via Hobus Homes

We both agreed that celestial ceilings are very cool, especially in children's spaces.

And this would certainly be fabulous.  Imagine it in a sunroom.  Or above your bathtub.

via Cutting Edge Stencils

by KuDa Photography, via Houzz

According to my daughter, this would be super cool,.  If you actually lived with Satan.

I think the moon scene is very pretty. can confirm whether your overnight guest is actually a werewolf.

via Pinterest

I think this one might be the winner in our family, though.  The swirling clouds remind us of a vortex.  The time vortex.  Of course, we'd probably paint that vent cover to look like a blue police box.

via Pinterest

~  Leigh

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