December 7, 2011

How Far Do You Go With Your Holiday Decorating?

Do you redecorate the whole house, right down to the throw pillows? Or just put up some lights and a few treasured items?

And what do you think of all the retro-colored, bright turquoise and lime green ornaments I've been seeing in the craft stores?

Personally, I love all things silver, and this year I am indulging that love by making it my holiday theme. My favorite, of course, is mercury glass. I LOVE mercury glass – always have, since I was young. I also love venetian-style glass mirrors. And although a little bit of these can go a long way in daily decorating, for the holidays I say all rules can be broken. So, in among the cardboard village and metal skiing Santas I inherited from my grandma, you will now find silver, mercury glass, and all that sparkles in my home. Not so much glitter, per se, but sparkle, and reflected light. This season is, after all, ultimately about light. Whether you're celebrating the rebirth of the sun, the birth of the Son, the miracle of the temple oil or the importance of cultural unity, light is a significant aspect of the holiday.

So with that in mind, I am feeling free to savor the sparkle and give myself an excuse to add to my silvery collection. Perhaps my table will end up looking like this:

from Pottery Barn

Of course, seeing this reminds me to mention the other major theme of my holiday decorating: nature. Now, with my current schedule and lifestyle I have neither the time nor the inclination to scour the woods for fresh pinecones and such; there will be no home-made Martha-esque holly wreaths. (Which is a bitter irony, since I now have the property and nearby woods that would be perfect for such craft-minded scouring. Oh well.) No, for now I will be quite content with my craft store plastic – but quite good looking – garlands, and the glittered pinecones my kids made in pre-school. The one exception to this will be the poinsettias.....they will be living. I am fortunate that the chorus of our local high school sells poinsettias every year as a fundraiser. I don't know where they get them, but they are always huge, healthy plants, and I'm always happy to support our lovely chorus.

And the chorus reminds me of sweet music, and the tinkle of silver bells, and how I wish that was snow falling gently on my rooftop, instead of rain.......

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