February 28, 2013


My friend Maggie is amazing.  If you haven't checked out her website yet, please do.  You will like it.

The Glass House Retreat

Case in point, yesterday she called and in the midst of a conversation about "stuff", she ended up giving me a pep talk about my design business.  I don't know how she knew I needed that, but then, Maggie's like that.  And I did need it.  And I felt better.  Today, already, at 9:30am, my business has picked up in several ways.  Thank you, Maggie.

We all need the support of friends, and of those who are travelling on parallel paths.  My friends, go out and support someone you care about today.  Do it as a personal favor to me.

~ Leigh

ps.....you can also like Maggie's Facebook page:  http://www.facebook.com/TheGlassHouseRetreat

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