February 28, 2013

When your dressing room looks like a fine boutique...

Oh, the things you can learn from retail.  A prime example is this truly beautiful dressing room.

Open shelves and drawers populate two islands.  Just like in a boutique, two people can "shop" these shelves simultaneously without being in each other's way.

And notice the hanging section on the far left wall.  It's been lowered to allow ample light from the large windows -- natural light makes it so much easier to choose an outfit and be sure it will look good.  Not to mention the electricity you'll save by not having to turn on electric lights!  And everything is universally accessible -- no reaching up to get something off the top rack.  The lowered hanging height also allows for an extra shelf, perfect for setting down clothes fresh from the dryer, or displaying a few of your favorite trinkets.

A patterned carpet isn't for the faint of heart, yet with a tight, low pile and a geometric design this carpet will be warm and comfortable underfoot, and very forgiving of any stain.

It's the details that really make this dressing room sing.  See the recessed lighting, combined with simple, classic table lamps?  And all the detailed mouldings....in a dressing room.  It says, "this is the first space I'll see after I get out of bed, and the last space I'll see before I go back to bed.  It had better be fabulous".

Lastly, there's a hint of understated glam in all those reflective surfaces......the lamps, the island countertop mirrors.  Those shiny surfaces play with the light, bounce it around, make it twinkle.  The tall mirrored closets do all that while providing the all important full length mirror, perfect both for dressing as well as making the room feel larger.

Next time you step into your favorite boutique, or even just the Gap, take a look around, and see what ideas you can pick up to help take your home design up a notch.

~ Leigh

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